When do I need Worker’s Compensation insurance? If you have employees, full or part-time, PA law requires you to provide workers compensation benefits.

Are there exemptions? Executive officers may choose to be excluded from workers compensation coverage.

What benefits does workers compensation provide? Medical benefits are covered in full. Lost wages are payabe at two-thirds of weekly gross wages, subject to minimums and maximums that change yearly.

Do I need to cover subcontractors? True subcontractors are expected to have their own, separate insurance, but in the absence of written contracts and other requirements, subcontractors will be considered to be your employees.

I need a certificate of insurance. What is that? A certificate of insurance is a document which states that a company has policies in force as of the date it is issued. The certificate lists the types of policies, the limits of protection and sometimes special conditions affecting the coverage.

How can I get one? All you have to do is ask. We are authorized by the companies we represent to provide certificates of insurance at your request. You can call us or use the contact us link to request one.

I’m just starting out in business and insurance has been hard to find. Can you help? Yes! Since we represent more than one company, we can take advantage of differences in acceptability. Many of our carriers are willing to work with new enterprises.