Auto ID cards sometimes disappear. They are usually delivered with other policy documents and it can be easy to overlook them. Here are some ways you can get an ID card when you need one:

You could call the company. Many of our carriers have staff on duty to respond to customer requests. Availability and turn-around times may vary, as well as delivery methods. Customer service numbers are at the right, for your convenience.

You could do it yourself. Click on the company name at right to visit its website, where you may access your policy documents. Turn-around times and delivery methods will vary from company to company and navigation may seem to be convoluted.

Or you can call us at (717) 665-2770 during business hours. We can mail, email or fax one to you within minutes. We can send it to the garage to help with your PA vehicle inspection. Leave a message when we are not in the office and we’ll send that card out the next business day.